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General Description

The objective of this course is to study the literary production in Latin America. The period to be studied is from the XXth century to the present-day. Evidently, given the reduced number of hours which make up the course there will be a selection of authors and works, while at the same time trying to transmit to the student the reality, and diversity, of the vast literary production.


The selected topics may vary slightly in as much on the part of the teacher as of the student, as this is considered convenient. In other words, the teacher will always take into account the students’ preferences. The selected topics are the following:

1. Latin-American avant-gardes.
2. Literature of the Mexican revolution: Los de abajo, by Mariano Azuela.
3. Pablo Neruda: poetry and politics
4. The concept of literature in Luis Borges.
5. Denunciation in the works of Mario Benedetti.
6. Women protagonists in texts: Isabel Allende, Laura Esquivel.
7. Final conclusions.


Texts selected by the teacher must be read and worked on at home until the students obtain a good understanding. Class work will be mainly communicative where teacher and students will express their impressions and debates will be created.During the development of this course ample information about the context in which the texts arose, and in general about the economic, social, political situation of the time will also be given.


Attendance and class participation will be taken into account (75%); as well as a short essay or test. Students’ preferences will be taken into account (25%).


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