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General Description

The course provides a a theoretical understanding, via anaysis, of the major environmental problems in Spain, outlining the causes of the current situation as well as future perspectives and possible forms of intervention. Case studies are used to enable the student to understand the potential, risks, opportunities and impact of the Spanish environmental framework. Objectives will be achieved through both lectures and a series of field trips.


  1. -Introduction to the characteristics and potential of the Spanish environmental framework.
  2. -The metabolism of the Spanish economy: the unsustainability of the productive fabric and the development model.
  3. -Climate change in Spain: territorial manifestation of a global problem.
  4. -The energy transition in Spain: from dependency on fossil fuels to European leadership in renewable energy.
  5. -The use of water in Spain: problems of management and territorial disputes.
  6. -The urban environment in Spain: evaluation and implications for urban sustainability.
  7. -The Spanish coastline and its environmental vulnerability.
  8. -The protection of ecological values and biodiversity: protected natural areas.
  9. -Field work as a tool for the analysis and evaluation of environmental issues in Spain.


The assessment consists of two major sections:

a) Exam. This counts for 50% of the final grade.

b) Tests and oral presentation. These will be distributed as follows:
-Three essays: one on the content of the course (20 %); a second on the field trips 20 %); a third on a summary of a topic that was the subject of an oral presentation in class (10 % ).

There will be three field trips , assistance is compulsary, will be graded and forms part of the timetable.


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